Carrying your gear

There are two ways to carry your gear as you bike across Canada. One is a trailer, and the other is the more traditional saddlebag system.
Trailers are effective. They allow you to haul large amounts of gear, without sacrificing maneuverability. They are expensive, however, and may be heavy for some people. The industry standard for bike trailers is the one-wheeled B.O.B. YAK trailer, which you can purchase at

Saddlebags are small bags mounted to racks on the rear and sometimes front of your bike. They are easily removed, often waterproof and preferred by many cyclists. Saddlebags are usually more affordable and always lighter than a trailer.

If you choose to tour with saddlebags make sure that the rack(s) you acquire that you will mount your saddlebags to are high-quality. A rack designed to carry your homework or a few groceries will likely fail when you hit a bump at a high speed while supporting your worldly possessions.

Most people bungee cord their tent, mattress and sleeping bag to the top of the rear rack and fill the saddlebags with the rest of their gear. Consider purchasing a water-proof bag that you can fill with your sleeping bag and tent that will attach securely to your rack and keep your gear dry during precipitation.