Canada by Bicycle Day 14: A guide to cycling across Canada.
Bike tour Medicine Hat to Eagle Valley

Eagle Valley Campground washrooms!

Purchase supplies before leaving Medicine Hat. The road to Eagle Valley Campground is desolate and lonely. Midway through your day you will cross the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Pack sufficient water as the only place to fill your bottles is at the gas station and restaurant just past the halfway point in Walsh and at the rest area at the provincial border.

Your destination for the evening is Eagle Valley Campground, an oasis located just off of the highway. The campground is Caribbean themed and the owners are friendly. The entire campground is serviced with free wireless internet and laundry facilities are on site.

Saskatchewan is the only province in Canada that does not practice daylight savings time. Between March and November, clocks in the province of Saskatchewan will be the same as the province of Alberta. From November to March Saskatchewan clocks will be the same as Manitoba. If you are traveling through after November or before March, adjust your clocks accordingly.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Gas City Campground on 11th Avenue
1.1Turn left at 7th Street SW.
1.4Turn right onto HWY 1.
1.9HWY 3 intersects HWY 1 here. Remain on HWY 1.
8.7Exit Medicine Hat.
15.7Intersection of HWY 1 & HWY 41. HWY 1 & HWY 41 are the same highway here.
31.7HWY 1 / HWY 41 becomes HWY 1 here.
36.2Irvine. No services.
52.9Walsh. Gas station, campground and restaurant.
56.4Alberta & Saskatchewan border.
90.9Turn right to Eagle Valley Campground.
91.1Turn left to enter Eagle Valley Campground.
91.6Eagle Valley Campground.

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