Day 15: Eagle Valley to Swift Current

Ice cream shop in Tompkins

Early in the day look south into the distance to see the Cypress Hills which rise to an elevation of 1 468 M. The hills form a drainage divide separating rivers that drain to the Gulf of Mexico and those that drain to Hudson Bay.

The highway shoulder deteriorates before Tompkins but improves afterwards. Services are available on the highway. Watch the barbed wire fences that run parallel to the highway for birds.

Gull Lake, a small agricultural town at the intersection of HWY 1 and HWY 37, is home to giant wind-turbines that can be seen from a distance. Stiff prairie winds turn the 23 m blades, generating power for Saskatchewan’s electrical consumption. There is a gas station on the highway here.

Your destination for the evening is Swift Current. Swift Current Creek, the city’s namesake, runs north to south through the east side of town.

There are private campgrounds at each end of the city on HWY 1, but I recommend staying at the city run Kinetic Exhibition Park. If you have some spare time, visit the Mennonite Heritage Village next to Kinetic Park or browse the Museum & Interpretive Centre adjacent to HWY 1.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Eagle Valley Campground heading west.
0.4Turn right towards HWY 1.
0.5Turn right onto HWY 1.
1.2Cycle over Maple Creek.
5.4Intersection of HWY 1 & HWY 21. Service station and tourist information is available here.
29.8Intersection of HWY 1 & HWY 614.
54.7Tompkins and Shady Place Campground.
78.2Intersection of HWY 1 & HWY 37 and Gull Lake.
100.6Exit to Webb. No services on highway.
123.7HWY 32 merges with HWY 1.
130.2Enter Swift Current on HWY 1.
131.1Intersection of HWY 1 & 11th Avenue NW. Turn right here.
131.6After crossing the railway tracks, turn left on South Railway Street West.
135.2Cross over Swift Current Creek.
135.6Welcome to Swift Current Kinetic Park Campground.

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