Day 2: Mission to Hope Canada by Bicycle

Harrison Lake

The fertile Fraser River Valley will continue to guide you as you climb slowly towards Hope. HWY 7 runs parallel to HWY 1, which is preferred by big rigs (large, industrial trucks), so you can expect a pleasant ride on the Lougheed Highway / HWY 7. This area is mostly rural but you can expect to see regular commercial establishments where food and water are available.

Mission, population 34 505, is a quiet, friendly town along the shore of the Fraser River. People live in Mission because of its tranquil setting, small town feel and location just across the river from Abbotsford.

If you are having any problems with your bike or gear, stop at Wenting’s Cycle on the east side of Mission. The staff offers expert advice and understands the unique needs of touring cyclists. They offer no-nonsense advice and will get you set up properly. Make sure not to leave Mission without spare tire-tubes, a patch kit and an extra link in case you break a chain on the coming climbs.

The highlight of your day will be Brio Springs, a natural spring on the left side of the highway that is hard to miss. Cool, clean water runs out of a pipe year-round making it a great place to fill your water bottle and take a break from riding.

The 6 185 people that call Hope home are proud of their locally produced chainsaw carvings and the area’s natural beauty. Hope is located at the confluence of the Fraser and Coquihalla Rivers. Hope’s bike store is called Cheyenne Sports.

Your destination for the evening is Hope’s Coquihalla Campground. The campground is set in a forest and has campsites next to the Coquihalla River.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Sun Valley Trout Park on Silverdale Avenue
cycling west.
0.3Take your first left turn onto Nelson Street.
0.5Take your first left onto Lougheed HWY / HWY 7. Through Mission, HWY 7 is known as Railway 23 Avenue. Remain on this highway until you reach the west side of Hope.
13.7Dewdney. Take a right turn here to remain on HWY 7.
13.9Cross over a bridge over a tributary of the Fraser River.
24.2Cross over the Fraser River.
28.0Pass a campground called The Campground.
37.9Cross over picturesque Harrison Lake.
41.7Brio Springs.
51.8Take a right turn to stay on HWY 7.
53.3HWY 7 and HWY 9 merge in Agassiz.
84.4Watch for signs indicating exits to HWY 1 and Hope. Take this exit and circle counter-clockwise 180º before descending towards a bridge over the Fraser River on HWY 1.
85.0In Hope, HWY 1 is known as Water Avenue. After crossing the Coquihalla River, follow HWY 1 / Water Avenue as it skirts the river.
86.6Turn left onto Wallace Street.
87.1Turn right onto 6th Avenue.
87.7Take your third left onto Kawkawa Lake Road.
89.5Enter Coquihalla Campground on your right hand.

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