Day 21: Rainbow Beach Provincial Park to Narrows West Resort

Sunset at the Narrows

Today you will cycle through vibrant wetlands on a highway that is quiet and freshly paved with a small consistent shoulder.

For the first part of your day you will have the northern slopes of Riding Mountain National Park to your right. Keep a keen eye on the skyline for bald eagles, which are common in this area. Riding Mountain National Park is located on the highest part of the Manitoba Escarpment, which stands in stark contrast to the surrounding prairie. The park is home to wolves, moose, elk, black bear, cougar and lynx.

Today you will get a glimpse of Lake Manitoba, Manitoba’s second largest fresh water lake. Steady climbing for the first fifteen kilometres of the ride will get you warmed up for an enjoyable day. Ochre River, population 929, is the first town that you will cycle through after leaving Rainbow Beach Provincial Park. A small church converted to a coffee shop near the highway is a good place for a break.

As you approach Ste. Rose du Lac, the signage will be in both French and English. This bilingual town has a bank, pharmacy, campground and most services to please a cyclist. If you choose to enter Ste. Rose, make sure to check out the Grotto, an artificial cave handsomely decorated and used as a place of worship. The Grotto is located next to the campground, on your left hand side as you turn off the highway to enter town. Although your destination campground has a small store, consider purchasing your supplies here.

After Ste. Rose, Eddystone will be the only town to acquire food or water, so make sure you have adequate provisions.

Cross the bridge that spans over Lake Manitoba and you are at your destination, Narrows West Resort. The resort has a full restaurant, bar, hotel, campground, small grocery store as well as a liquor and beer vendor.

The province of Manitoba is named after this area. Manitou Wapow means “strait of the Manitou,” in Cree. Manitou was later changed to Manitoba and adopted as the name of this province.

Keep an eye out for Lake Manitoba’s legendary giant serpent Manipogo while exploring the area.

0.0Leave Rainbow Beach Provincial Park biking southeast on HWY 20.
7.8Ochre River.
9.0Junction of HWY 5 & HWY 20. Turn left onto HWY 5.
27.1Exit to Ste. Rose du Lac.
28.5HWY 5 turns to the right. Continue straight on HWY 68.
97.8Narrows West Resort & Campground.

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