Day 22: Narrows West Resort to Arborg and District Multicultural Heritage Village


The Interlake, defined as the area between Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg is sparsely populated with humans and densely populated with wildlife.

Expect quiet roads, friendly people and ample wetlands.

Arrive first in Eriksdale, population 911, home to quiet and affordable McEwen Memorial Campground. The campground has washrooms, a covered structure with a fireplace, but no showers. Restaurants and groceries are available in town.

The flat terrain, sparse distribution of people, abundance of wildlife and smooth highway will be some of the things you might discuss as you wind down at the campground in Arborg. All day, coniferous trees mix with the wetlands to form picturesque views.

In the early 1900s, mainly European immigrants settled this area. The populace continues to hold on to many traits of “the old country,” especially in language and food. Their European roots make them sympathetic to cyclists, while their Manitoba friendliness ensure that they are great ambassadors to the area. The local dining specialty in the Interlake is the Perogie. This high-carbohydrate treat of a potato based filling wrapped in dough, boiled or fried and usually dipped in sour cream, is a must have for any hungry cyclist.

Enjoy a gentle descent into the Arborg and District Multicultural Heritage Village, which includes a quiet campground with hot showers. Outdoor displays depict what Arborg was like in years past.

Situated on the banks of the Icelandic River, Arborg, population 1 012, has a sporting goods store with some bike parts other amenities to please the bike tourist including a bakery and a couple of restaurants. Also, don’t miss the world’s largest curling rock, one of Arborg’s claims to fame.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave the Narrows West Resort Campground heading east on HWY 68.
23.4Cycle through the town of Vogar.
57.4HWY 68 turns into HWY 68 / HWY 6. Turn right here.
68.2Eriksdale and McEwen Memorial Campground.
69.0Turn left off of HWY 6 / HWY 68 onto Vimy Avenue / HWY 68.
106.3Poplarfield and the intersection of HWY 68 / HWY 17. Take pictures of the over-sized deer, the Giant Buck.
134.7Pass the main entrance to Arborg.
135.6Turn left into the Arborg and District Multicultural Heritage Village.

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