Day 24: Selkirk Municipal Campground to Caddy Lake Campground

The fox

35 kilometres south of Selkirk is the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba’s provincial capital. I have by-passed Winnipeg because the road from the city to the Ontario border is dangerous and lacking a shoulder. With that being said, if you need something from Winnipeg before heading into the vast wilderness of Ontario, HWY 1 East is navigable. Avoid traveling this highway on Fridays when Winnipeggers are heading out to their cottages on the east side of the province.

If you choose to battle with HWY 1, ride your bike 143 kilometres from Winnipeg to the Falcon Lake Campground, just off HWY 1 before the Manitoba-Ontario border. Spend the evening there and join up with the Canada by Bicycle Route 11 kilometres to the east at West Hawk Lake.

Winnipeg lays at the convergence of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers. This area has a long and rich history as aboriginal people have been gathering at the meeting of these two rivers for thousands of years.

Monsieur Pierre LaVerendrye was the first person of European descent to arrive in this area, establishing Fort Rouge in 1738.

Winnipeg has a large, vibrant Francophone community centered on Saint Boniface in the southeast of the city.

Presently, Winnipeg is a multicultural city with two universities, many museums and a world-renowned orchestra.

Leave Selkirk and cross the Red River, which flows north to Lake Winnipeg and is designated as a Canadian Heritage River. It was a main trading route for Aboriginal and Voyageurs.

Pass by the outskirts of Beausejour, population 2 772, on the way to the west entrance of Whiteshell Provincial Park, on the western-edge of the Canadian Shield. The granite ridges that define many of the lakes and run along the sides of the road give the Whiteshell a rugged beauty. The 200 lakes within Whiteshell Provincial Park are home to a variety of fish including world-class examples of northern pike, bass, walleye, lake and rainbow trout.

Make sure you stop at the entrance of the park and speak with the helpful staff. They will provide you with up to date maps and a wealth of knowledge about the area. Ask about petroforms, which are human-made patterns of rocks skillfully arranged on the ground.

There are many campgrounds sprinkled throughout the park. Most are close to the road and make good rest areas. Expect small stores to appear close to many of these campgrounds. This park is overflowing with wildlife. I almost had a slow speed collision with a white tailed deer and then had a fox walk right up to me, all in the same day.

Just before your arrival at your destination, Caddy Lake Campground, is The Lily Pond. It is a great place to take a rest and snap a photograph of the white and yellow lilies that cover the pond during summer months.

Many people spend their entire summer camped in this area. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself, at the end of the night, swapping stories around a campfire.

Located next to the Caddy Lake Campground is a small resort. Ask the resort owners about renting a canoe to view the nearby Caddy Lake Rock Tunnels. Although groceries are available, selection is limited. Consider bringing supplies with you from a supermarket in Selkirk.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Selkirk Municipal Campground heading southwest.
0.6Turn left onto Eveline Street.
1.4Turn left on HWY 204 and cross over the Red River.
4.2Turn left off of HWY 204 onto HWY 509.
5.9Intersection of HWY 509 & HWY 59. Turn right.
10.3Cross HWY 44. Circle clockwise 270 º to gain HWY 44.
36.4Exit to Beausejour.
38.1Intersection of HWY 12 & HWY 44. Turn right onto
HWY 12.
39.6Exit right to Beausejour. Turn left to remain on HWY 44.
54.4Seddon’s Corner. Intersection of HWY 214 & HWY 44.
70.0Intersection of HWY 44 & HWY 11. Stay right on HWY 44.
89.9Intersection of HWY 11 & HWY 44. Remain on HWY 44 heading east.
121.1Intersection of HWY 44 & HWY 307.
122.9Enter Whiteshell Provincial Park.
133.0Bear Lake Picnic Site.
138.2The Lily Pond.
142.2Turn left toward Caddy Lake Campground.
142.6Caddy Lake Campground.

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