Day 25: Caddy Lake Campground to Kenora’s Anicinabe RV Park & Campground

Whiteshell Provincial Park

Leave Caddy Lake and cycle past West Hawk Lake. This lake is special because it was formed by a meteor slamming into the limestone. At 110 M, it gets the nod as the province’s deepest lake.

There is an excellent tourist office at the border of Manitoba and Ontario. Stop in and grab a map of Ontario and chat with the knowledgeable staff. provides a comprehensive list of campgrounds in Ontario.

From here to just before Ottawa you will be cycling through rocks, forest, lakes and more rocks. You can expect the road to be rolling constantly. Kenora to Ottawa is the most trying leg of the entire trip. Dense traffic and bugs will be your two major frustrations. Purchase a mosquito hat to cover your head while setting up your camp for the evening.

Climbing hills is a special skill that requires concentration and intensity. When climbing a hill, it is important that you keep your momentum and speed up for as long as possible. Try to get up on your pedals and pump your bicycle until you are exhausted, then sit down and put your bike in a lower gear.

The first town that you will reach upon entering Ontario is Keewatin. Keewatin amalgamated with Kenora in 2000.

Kenora was originally named Rat Portage until town officials changed the name, a combination of Keewatin, the nearby town of Norman and Rat Portage. Kenora sits on the shore of Lake of the Woods, which is home to 14 552 islands and world-class walleye fishing. Shores of this lake connect Ontario, Manitoba and the state of Minnesota, USA. If you need bike repairs head downtown to Olympia Cycle.

Your destination for the evening is Anicinabe RV Park & Campground on the shores of Lake of the Woods. This is a city run campground with laundry facilities, internet and a small store.

0.0Leave Caddy Lake Campground heading south towards HWY 44.
0.4Turn left to head south on HWY 44.
6.1Cycle past West Hawk Lake.
7.4Intersection of HWY 44 & HWY 301. Stay left on HWY 44.
8.1Turn right to remain on HWY 44.
10.9Intersection of HWY 44 & HWY 1. Turn left to gain HWY 1.
13.8Leave Whiteshell Provincial Park and Manitoba. At the Manitoba-Ontario border HWY 1 turns into into HWY 17. A large visitor centre is available here.
20.2Intersection of HWY 17 & HWY 673.
40.6Clearwater Bay.
52.0HWY 17 splits to become HWY 17 & HWY 17A. Stay right on HWY 17.
59.7Cross a bridge over Lake of the Woods.
60.7Cross a bridge over Lake of the Woods.
62.6Cross a bridge over Lake of the Woods.
64.1Enter Kenora on HWY 17 / Lakeview Drive.
64.6Lakeview Drive / HWY 17 turns right and becomes Main Street S.
64.8Turn left onto Second Street S.
65.8Turn right onto 8th Avenue S / HWY 17.
66.6Turn right onto Milikana Way.
67.7Road dead ends into Golf Course Road. Turn left.
68.5Anicinabe Campground in Anicinabe Park.

Day 25 Caddy Lake to Kenora

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