Day 28: Davy Lake Campground to Savanne River Resort & Campground


Today is another lonely day on the road. You will want to stock up on food and water before leaving Ignace. From Ignace bike towards the small settlement of English River. There is a service station here with a few hotels. From English River there will be no place to get food or water until Upsala so pack accordingly.

Upsala is a small town centered on the highway. At the west end of town is a general store with groceries and further down the road are two gas stations, both with restaurants. The first gas station (Canop) has a campground. Don’t pass the second gas station without tasting a butter tart.

Leave Ignace and head towards your destination for the evening, Savanne River Resort & Campground. This small campground on the shore of the Savanne River has a small grocery store and canoe rentals.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Ignace heading east on Davy Lake Road.
0.9Davy Lake Road intersects with HWY 17. Turn right here.
57.9English River.
59.7Continental Divide. Time-zone changes to Eastern Standard here. Eastbound traffic turns their clocks forward one hour.
124.8Savanne River Campground.

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