Day 29: Savanne River Resort to Thunder Bay’s Trowbridge Falls campground

Kakabeka Falls

You can shave eighteen kilometres off your day by taking route A into the city. This route bypasses most of Thunder Bay and causes you to miss stunning Kakabeka Falls. Route B takes you to your campsite via Kakabeka Falls and downtown Thunder Bay. Both routes have similar topography.

The highlight of the ride from Savanne River to Ottawa is Kakabeka Falls, 30 kilometres west of Thunder Bay in Kakabkea Provincial Park. The waterfall is part of the Kaministiquia River, which drops 40 metres into a gorge carved into the Precambrian shield.

Ojibwa legend states that when the daughter of an Ojibwa chief heard of an imminent attack from a Sioux tribe she pretended to be lost and purposely stumbled into the incoming tribe. She bargained for her life saying she would lead them to her camp in exchange for them not killing her. She was placed at the front of the canoe and led it over the falls sacrificing herself in order to save her community.

In 1970, the twin cities of Fort William and Port Arthur amalgamated to become Thunder Bay. Fort William was originally a fur trading post owned by the North West Company.

Port Arthur was named Prince Arthur’s Landing in 1870. The Canadian government used the port to explore western Canada and build a road linking the great lakes to Red River Colony and western Canada. Port Arthur makes up the north of the city while Fort William is to the south.

Amethyst, a violet quartz, is common in this area. Many stores in the downtown will sell you various examples of this rock that ancient Greeks believed could protect you from drunkenness.

Make sure to check out Fort William Historic Park, a reconstruction of the Northwest Company’s fur trading post as it was in 1815. Explore fourty buildings spread over 225 acres and hear stories about the fur trade and its role in shaping Canada. Fort William Historic Park is located on the southwest side of Thunder Bay.

With your back to downtown look out towards the water and you will not need a great imagination to notice that the land formation resembles the sleeping body of a giant with its arms folded across his chest. The best views of this famous land mass come from the Terry Fox monument east of the city.

Go on an eating adventure in Thunder Bay. Check out the Persian, a Thunder Bay specialty, which is a cinnamon bun smothered in pink icing. Also, head to the Hoito Restaurant for a Finnish pancake to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Spend the evening at Thunder Bay’s Trowbridge Falls Campground at one of the well-treed sites next to the Current River. The campground is located on the northeast side of town. Laundry facilities and a small store are available on site.

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Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Savanne River Campground heading east on
HWY 17.
54.7Highway 17 merges with HWY 11 to become HWY 17
/ HWY 11.
75.5Intersection of HWY 17 & HWY 102.

29A Kilometre Log
75.5HWY 17 / 11 turns right. Remain headed straight on HWY 102 / Dawson Road.
101.8Intersection of HWY 102 / Dawson Road & HWY 589.
108.5HWY 102 / Dawson Road dead-ends into HWY 17 / HWY 11 / Thunder Bay Expressway. Turn left here.
114.8Intersection of Thunder Bay Expressway / HWY 17 / HWY 11 and Hodder Avenue / HWY 17B / HWY 11B (S) and Copenhagen Road (N). Turn left here onto Copenhagen Road.
115.3Turn left onto Trowbridge Road.
115.7Enter Trowbridge Falls Campground.

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29 B - Kilometre Log
75.5Turn right and head south on HWY 17.
89.6Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park. Remain on HWY 17.
90.4Exit to Kakabeka Falls.
91.5Exit Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park.
107.8Intersection of HWY 17 / HWY 11 / Arthur Street & HWY 130.
114.8Pass Thunder Bay International Airport on HWY 17 / Arthur Street W.
117.2Intersection of HWY 17 / HWY 11 / Arthur Street W & Thunder Bay Expressway / HWY 17 (N) / HWY 61 (S). Arthur Street W turns into Arthur Street W / HWY 17B / HWY 11B.
118.7Arthur Street W / HWY 17B / HWY 11B turns into Arthur Street E / HWY 17B / HWY 11B.
121.3Arthur Street E / HWY 17B / HWY 11B intersects with May Street N. Turn left onto May Street N / HWY 17B / HWY 11B.
123.5May Street North / HWY 17B / HWY 11B turns into Memorial Avenue / HWY 17B / HWY 11B.
126.8Memorial Ave / HWY 17B / HWY 11B turns into Algoma Street S.
128.0Algoma Street S turns into Algoma Street N.
130.8Algoma Street N dead-ends into Lyon Blvd W (W) / Gibson Avenue (E). Turn right onto Gibson Avenue.
131.2Turn left onto Cumberland Street N / HWY 17B /HWY 11B.
132.0Cumberland Street N / HWY 17B / HWY 11B turns into Hodder Avenue / HWY 17B / HWY 11B.
135.2Hodder Avenue / HWY 17B / HWY 11B crosses Thunder Bay Expressway / HWY 17 / HWY 11 to become Copenhagen Road.
135.7Turn left off of Copenhagen Road onto Trowbridge Road.
136.1Trowbridge Falls Campground.