Day 3: Hope to EC Manning Park Lightning Lake

Allison Pass

Today’s ride is the most physically demanding of the entire trip. When you conquer Allison Pass, you will know you have the physical and mental strength to complete any day on this tour.

Your destination is Lightning Lake Campground in E.C. Manning Provincial Park.

Known to locals as Manning Park, this 7082 kilometre park is a legendary test to cyclists. Manning Park has diverse geography that includes wet coastal mountains, snow capped peaks, alpine meadows, chains of small lakes and flowing riverbeds. This protected area provides diverse habitat for the park’s wildlife, which includes grizzly bear, wolverine, mountain beaver as well as 206 species of birds.

Stock up on groceries before you leave Hope as there are no grocery stores until you reach Princeton, 134 kilometres away. Leave Hope on HWY 3, the Crowsnest Highway. Expect temperatures to soar while climbing these unnerving, steep hills.

Climb for 18 kilometres out of Hope and be amazed at the devastation caused by the Hope Slide. During the morning hours of January 9,1965, a small earthquake triggered the rockslide in which four people perished under an estimated 46 million cubic metres of debris.

After leaving Hope Slide you will cycle through the Sunshine Valley, a residential area with no stores. The residents are friendly and will fill your water bottles. Watch out for bears in this area!

Allison Pass is in the middle of Manning Park and separates the Skagit and Similkameen river drainages to the east and west respectably. The climb to the summit seems to go on forever. Don’t rush up this beast. Take frequent short breaks to keep your morale high and legs fresh. Stop and take a picture at the summit and get ready for an exhilarating downhill towards Manning Lodge, which is next to the turnoff to Lightning Lake Campground.

Lightning Lake is 4 kilometres south of HWY 3 and is only open from early June until early October. It is the only campground in Manning Park with showers. Manning Lodge offers hostel type accommodations at a reasonable rate for the solo traveler, especially during spring and fall which is the off-peak season in this area. Use of the hot tub is included.

Contact Discover Camping at 1-800-689-9025 to book campsites in any British Columbia Provincial Park especially on weekends during July and August.

Kilometre Log
0.0Take a left turn out of the campground on Kawkawa Lake Road.
0.3Take your first left turn onto 7th Avenue.
0.7Take your first left turn onto Old Hope Princeton Way.
2.2Turn left to merge onto HWY 3.
6.0Intersection of HWY 5A / Coquihalla HWY. Stay right on HWY 3 / Crowsnest HWY.
17.2Climb steadily to the site of Hope Slide.
20.4Sunshine Valley.
42.2West entrance of E.C. Manning Provincial Park.
59.4Allison Pass Summit, elevation 1342 metres.
66.6Manning Lodge.
65.8Watch for signs and turn right towards Lightning Lake Campground on HWY 3B here.
70.8Take a left turn.
71.0Arrive at Lightning Lake Campground.

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