Day 30: Trowbridge Falls Campground to Birchwood Campground

Terry Fox Statue

Make sure you stop at the Terry Fox Monument on the east end of the city. This 9-foot high statue of Terry Fox stands on a 45-ton granite base laid on a foundation of local amethyst. Terry fox is a Canadian hero because of his Marathon of Hope in which he attempted to run across Canada with one prosthetic leg. Terry continues to inspire people. The Terry Fox run is held annually on the first Sunday after Labour Day in Canada. The run is also held in countries all over the world, organized by Canadian Embassies.

There is a good rest area at the statue site with washrooms and tourist information.

Today you will have the pleasure of biking next to Lake Superior, the third largest fresh water lake in the world. This massive body of water seriously influences weather and climate in the area. You will feel cool breezes off of the lake before you see it. Locals claim that water from Lake Superior is potable. The surface area of Lake Superior is 82 413 kilometres2 and it has an average depth of 147 metres.

On November 10, 1975, the SS Edmund Fitzgerald sank suddenly without any distress signals. All 29 crew members perished. Legend states that Lake Superior seldom gives up its dead. Bacteria normally feed on a sunken decaying body creating gas that makes the body buoyant after about a week. The lake’s cold water inhibits bacteria growth causing bodies to sink to the bottom and never resurface.


Today you will bike past the entrance to Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park. The park is home to a canyon over 100 metres deep. Snow often stays in the canyon into late spring allowing arctic flowers that are usually found 1 000 kilometres to the north to thrive. Near Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park is Eagle Canyon, which claims to have Canada’s longest suspension bridge. Camping is also available. Unfortunately, the road to both Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park and Eagle Canyon is gravel, which is not always suitable for touring bikes. Assess the condition of the road and your desire to see the park before making your decision.

In Dorion there is a small store with an impressive wildlife mural covering the building. Limited groceries are available here.

Your destination for the evening is Birchwood RV & Tent Campground. The campground has wireless internet, laundry and a small store.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Trowbridge Falls Campground on Trowbridge Road.
0.4Turn right onto Copenhagen Road.
0.9Turn left onto HWY 17 / HWY 11 / Thunder Bay
2.0Exit left to Terry Fox Memorial and Lookout.
5.6Thunder Bay KOA campground.
37.4Intersection of HWY 17 / HWY 11 & HWY 587.
40.1Mirror Lake Campground.
46.1Pearl. No services.
58.5Exit to Ouimet Canyon Road.
67.5Exit left on Wolf River Road to Wolf River Campground.
83.2Cross over Black Sturgeon River on HWY 17 / HWY 11.
86.6Exit left to Birchwood RV & Tent Campground.

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