Day 36: Velorution to Blind River’s MacIver’s Motel and Campground


Expect a distinct change in both weather and geography as you cycle away from Sault Ste. Marie. The land will be less rocky than around Lake Superior. Pack sufficient food and water as this is another lonely stretch of highway.

Pass through Desbarats and head towards Bruce Mines, population 627. The town is located on the shores of the north channel of Lake Huron. Bruce Mines was named after James Bruce, Governor General of Canada in 1846, when a copper mine was founded in the area.

Today, Bruce Mines is a popular tourist destination with a nice marina. Groceries and restaurants are available here. Check out the restored Simpson Mine Shaft, which demonstrates how copper was mined in the 1800s. If you want to spend the evening here check out Bruce Mines Campground & RV Park, located within city limits.

Thessalon, population 1 312, is a popular retirement town located on the shores of the Thessalon River. Thessalon has a long history in the lumber industry.

Iron Bridge is a small town with a few small stores that is famous for the sturgeon fishing in the nearby Mississagi River. Iron Bridge received its name in 1886, when a steel bridge was constructed to replace the existing wooden one over the Mississagi. In 1949, a concrete bridge replaced its namesake bridge.

From Iron Bridge follow the Mississagi River towards Blind River. Your destination is MacIver’s Motel & Campground, just west of Blind River on the left side of the road. Groceries are available just down the road in Blind River.

Blind River, population 3 780, is named after the nearby Blind River, which got its name when Fur Traders could not see the mouth of the river while paddling through the North Channel. Blind River has a long history in first the forest industry and later the uranium industry. Check out the Timber Village Museum next to the Travel Centre on the east side of town.

Enter Description
0.0Leave Velorution heading south on Old Garden River Road towards HWY 17 / Second Line E.
0.1Turn left onto HWY 17 / Second Line East heading east.
2.0HWY 17 / Second Line E turns right and becomes HWY 17 / Black Road. Turn right here.
4.6Intersection of HWY 17 / Black Road and HWY 17 / Trunk Road. Turn left.
9.7HWY 17 takes a 90º left turn here. Continue cycling straight on HWY 17B.
10.8Cross over a small creek.
15.8Cross over a small creek.
24.3Echo Bay.
30.6HWY 17B merges with HWY 17.
46.7Intersection of HWY 17 & HWY 548.
64.8Bruce Mines.
109.1Clear Lake Camp.
112.2Iron Bridge. Cross over Mississagi River.
133.2Turn left into Maciver’s Motel & Campground.

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