Day 42: Parliament Hill to Camping Municipal Brownsburg-Chatham


The road that runs in front of Parliament Hill is Wellington Street. Looking at the front of Parliament Hill, you want to head left, (west) on Wellington Street and cross the Ottawa River into Gatineau on Portage Bridge North.

Today you will leave Ottawa and head towards Montréal along the Ottawa River. The Ottawa River Valley is flat and fertile, making for enjoyable cycling. Expect there to be many “traversière” (ferry) crossings as you bike down the north side of this famous river. Crossings usually occur regularly, 24 hours a day, and cost a few dollars for cyclists. Always wait for vehicle traffic to exit until you bike up the road away from the ferry.

Cross the Ottawa River from downtown Ottawa into Gatineau, Québec, population 242 124. Gatineau is the third largest city in Québec. Annual tourist events in Gatineau include an international fireworks competition as well as a hot air balloon festival every September Long Weekend.

The Canadian Museum of Civilization, the most visited museum in Canada, is located directly across the river from Parliament Hill. The museum’s purpose is to collect, study and preserve objects that tell the human history of Canada and the cultural diversity of its people.

The first town that you will cycle through is Thurso, population 2 299, which is a small pulp and paper town famous for being the home of hockey superstar Guy LaFleur.

Papineauville, population 2 167, is another small town that offers cyclists a chance to eat and rehydrate.

Next, cycle through Montebello, which is world famous for the Château Montebello Resort, the largest log structure ever built. Your destination for the evening is Brownsburg-Chatham Municipal Campground on the north shore of the Ottawa River.

Kilometre Log
0.0With Parliament Hill on your right, head west on Wellington Street.
1.3Turn slightly right off of Wellington Street onto Ottawa River Parkway and cross the Portage Bridge.
1.9Cross the Ottawa River and enter Gatineau, Québec on Boulevard Maisonneuve.
3.5Boulevard Maisonneuve turns into Boulevard Fournier as you cross over the busy Autoroute de la Gatineau.
3.8Cycle over Gatineau River.
5.0Bike through Lake Leamy Ecological Park.
5.8Cross over Gatineau River again. After crossing the bridge, Boulevard Fournier becomes Boulevard Gréber. Stay on this road until it intersects with HWY 148 / Boulevard Maloney.
8.3Boulevard Gréber intersects with HWY 148 / Boulevard Maloney O. Turn right here. Remain on HWY 148 for the next one hundred kilometres.
12.2Boulevard Maloney O / HWY 148 turns into Boulevard Maloney E / HWY 148.
14.6Pass by Beauchamp Lake Park.
18.2Pass by McLaurin Bay Park.
23.3Boulevard Maloney E / HWY 148 becomes Chemin De Montréal O / HWY 148 here.
31.9Turn right on Rue Notre Dame / HWY 148.
32.2Turn left onto Chemin De Montréal E / HWY 148.
46.8Enter Thurso on HWY 148 / Rue Victoria.
65.9Enter Papineauville on Rue Papineau / HWY 148.
101.0Turn right off of HWY 148 onto Rue Maple / HWY 344.
103.1Turn left off of Rue Maple / HWY 344 onto Rue Principale / HWY 344.
109.1Rue Principale / HWY 344 turns into Route Des Outaouais / HWY 344.
120.6Enter Camping Municipal Brownsburg-Chatham.

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