Day 45: Camping et Marina Louiseville to Portneuf’s Camping Panoramique

Meal time

On La Route Verte, highway signs indicate that Trois Rivières, population 121 666, is much closer than you would expect, that is because these signs are indicating the distance to Trois Rivières-Ouest, which is far from downtown Trois Rivières.

Trois Rivières, translating to “three rivers” in English, is located at the confluence of the Saint-Maurice and Saint Lawrence Rivers. The reason that the city is named Trois Rivières is because Rivière Saint-Maurice has three mouths into the St. Lawrence. Trois Rivières is known as the National Poetry Capital of Québec; there are plaques displaying poetic verses in many parts of the city.

In this area on June 8, 1776, during the American Revolutionary War, the British defeated an attempt by the Americans to advance up the Saint Lawrence River valley. This fight is known as the Battle of Trois Rivières.

In 1908, the majority of the city was burnt to the ground in a massive fire. Only a few of the buildings remained. This gave the city a chance to re-design their town and the downtown today has a charming feel to it. If you are looking to camp close to here check out Camping Rochelle, north of town.

Spend some time exploring Trois Rivières. If you need bike repairs, head to Laferte Bicycles.

Your destination for the evening is Camping Panoramique on the west edge of Portneuf, population 3 086. This town lays at the convergence of the Portneuf and St. Lawrence Rivers.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Camping et Marina Louiseville biking northeast on Rang Du Lac-Saint-Pierre E.
0.7Rang du Lac-Saint-Pierre dead-ends into Rang du Lac-Saint-Pierre O, turn right here.
1.2Pass under HWY 40 / Autoroute de la Rive- Nord. Rang du Lac-Saint-Pierre O Changes to 2E Avenue.
4.3Turn right off of 2E Avenue onto HWY 138 / Boulevard Saint-Laurent E.
13.6Enter Yamachiche on HWY 138 / Rue Sainte-Anne.
22.4HWY 138 crosses HWY 40.
24.3Enter Pointe-du-Lac on HWY 138 / Rue Notre Dame O / HWY 138.
35.0Cross HWY 55. Rue Notre Dame O becomes Boulevard Gene-H-Kruger / HWY 138.
37.9Traffic circle. Turn right and cycle 2 blocks east on Boulevard de la Commune towards Rue Notre Dame Centre.
38.1Boulevard De la Commune dead-ends into Rue Notre Dame Centre.
39.6Turn left off of Rue Notre Dame Centre / HWY 138 onto Rue Laviolette / HWY 138.
40.7Turn right off of HWY 138 / Rue Laviolette onto Boulevard du Saint-Maurice.
41.6Cross over Rivière Saint-Maurice.
42.5After crossing Rivière Saint-Maurice, Boulevard du Sainte Maurice / HWY 138 becomes Rue Fusey / HWY 138.
43.4Turn right off of Rue Fusey / HWY 138 onto Rue / HWY 138.
44.3Turn left off of Rue Saint-Laurent / HWY 138 onto Boulevard Sainte- Madeleine.
46.6Sainte Marthe-du-Cap. Boulevard Sainte-Madeline / HWY 138 becomes Rue Notre Dame E / HWY 138 here.
57.7Camping Royal.
70.9Enter Batiscan on HWY 138.
73.2Cross over Rivière Batiscan. Don’t be afraid to walk your bike over this flat-inducing bridge.
79.4Cross over the Sainte-Anne River and view Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade’s stunning church.
95.2Enter Grondines on HWY 138.
104.8Enter Deschambault on HWY 138.
109.6On the west side of Portneuf turn left on Route Du Côteau des Roches.
110.1Turn left into Camping Panoramique.

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