Day 47: Auberge Internationale de Québec to Camping Municipal du Rocher Panet

Leave Québec City and ferry across the St. Lawrence into the town of Levis. Have your camera ready as the ferry ride provides a great opportunity for photos.

From the ferry dock you will bike along the St. Lawrence before meeting up with HWY 138 on the east side of Levis. The ride along 132 to L’Islet will take you through small picturesque towns that all have spectacular churches and friendly people. You will bike on HWY 132 until reaching the New Brunswick border in Miramichi.

Montmagny, population 11 654, is a good place to get groceries before you arrive at the campground in L’Islet. The town is Canada’s Snow Goose Capital and home to the International Accordion Festival every September. If you need bike work done here, check out Intersport.

Across from L’Islet is L’Isle Aux Grues (goose island). The main industry on the island is dairy farming. The people of the island produce some of the finest cheese in the world including their most famous brand, “Riopelle de l’Isle.”

Your destination for the evening is Camping Municipal Du Rocher Panet in L’Islet. The municipal campground is a nice spot to spend the evening. The campground has internet as well as laundry facilities. Next door to the campground is Tibo Bicyk, a high-quality bike shop with knowledgeable staff.

Kilometre Log
0.0From Auberge Internationale de Québec head northwest on Rue Ste-Ursule.
0.1Turn right on Rue St-Jean.
0.4Rue St-Jean ends. Take a slight right on Côte de la Fabrique.
0.6Turn right onto Rue des Jardins.
0.65Turn left onto Rue de Buade.
0.8Turn left onto Rue Port-Dauphin.
0.85Turn right onto Côte de la Montagne.
1.2Stay on Côte de la Montagne as it twists and turns before it dead-ends into Rue Dalhousie. Turn right here.
1.4Québec-Levis Ferry.
1.6Bike away from the ferry and take an immediate left on Rue Saint-Laurent.
3.0Rue Saint-Laurent takes a slight right turn and becomes Rue Saint-Joseph. Remain on Saint-Joseph until intersecting with HWY 132.
3.5Rue Saint-Joseph takes a slight left turn and remains Rue Saint-Joseph.
8.8Stay left as Rue Saint-Joseph merges with HWY 132 / Boulevard De la Rive-Sud.
15.3Enter Beaumont. On Route Du Fleuve / HWY 132.
18.6Camping Carol.
33.7Saint Vallier.
42.0Berthier sur-Mer.
79.0Intersection of HWY 132 / Chemin des Pionniers O & HWY 285.
80.0Maritime Museum du Québec.
80.5Turn left off of HWY 132 / Chemin des Pionniers E onto Route Du Quai.
80.6Camping Municipal Du Rocher Panet.

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