Day 48: Camping Municipal du Rocher Panet to Rivière-du-Loup Camping du Quai

From L’Islet, continue cycling east on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. Agriculture will become more prominent as the ground becomes more fertile. Apples and corn are the crops of choice for farmers in this area.

First bike through Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, population 3 372, which is home to many artisans that produce wood-carvings and sculptures.

Next you will cycle through La Pocatière, population 4 575, an agricultural town that is home to Musée François-Pilote, which highlights the Québecois agriculture history. The town is also home to Collège de Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière.

The Appalachian mountains start to make themselves present on the north shore of the river at this point. As you cycle further east you can expect them to become more prominent on the south side as well. They will not make a considerable impact on your cycling as the road hugs the river and remains quite flat. Late in the afternoon, the setting sun silhouettes the north-shore mountains, giving them an ominous monochrome appearance.

The St. Lawrence River continues to widen as you bike south and many large islands become visible. The river approaches 20 kilometres in width around Rivière-du-Loup.

Rivière-du-Loup, population 18 586, is named for the nearby river, which translates to “Wolf’s River” in English. There is a ferry available in town that crosses the St. Lawrence River to Saint-Simeon on the north shore. Evidence of the culture of Rivière-du-Loup is easily recognizable. Expect to see art blended into parks and buildings all over the city. If you have time, check out the Musée du Bas Saint Laurent, which explains many interesting facts about what goes on both on top of and below the mighty St. Lawrence River. If you need a roof over your head, check out Rivière du Loup International Hostel. For bike repairs, head to Hobby Cycle.

Your destination for the evening is Camping du Quai. It is located adjacent to the ferry so follow the traversière signs to locate the campground. The campground has laundry facilities and wireless internet access.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Camping Municipal du Rocher Panet heading southeast towards HWY 132 / Chemin Des Pionniers on Route Du Quai.
0.1Turn left on HWY 132 / Chemin Des Pionniers E.
5.2Chemin Des Pionniers E / HWY 132 becomes Avenue De Gaspé O / HWY 132 here.
12.4Enter Saint-Jean-Port-Joli on HWY 132 / Avenue De Gaspé O.
19.2HWY 132 / Avenue De Gaspé E becomes Route De la Seigneurie / HWY 132.
29.7Cross HWY 20.
38.5La Pocatière.
43.8Cross over HWY 20 / Autoroute Jean-Lesage.
46.4Cross over Rivière Ouelle. Turn left after crossing the river for Camping Rivière Ouelle.
103.9 Cross HWY 20 staying left to enter Rivière du Loup on HWY 132 / Rue Fraser.
107.6Turn left off Rue Fraser HWY 132 onto Côte Saint Jacques / HWY 132.
108.1Cross over Rivière du Loup. HWY 132 / Côte Saint-Jacques becomes HWY 132 / Boulevard Cartier here and turns to the left. Remain on HWY 132 / Boulevard Cartier.
109.1Cross HWY 20 on HWY 132 / Boulevard Cartier.
109.6After crossing a small stream take an immediate left on Rue De l’Ancrage.
110.3Turn right to enter Camping du Quai.

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