Day 49: Camping du Quai to Rimouski’s Camping de L’Anse

Rural Québec

After leaving Rivière du Loup you will bike through the small town of L’Isle-Verte. The town is named after the nearby Ile Verte which you can catch a ferry to and from the town. Tourists visit the area to purchase fish from local fisherman and to view Québec’s oldest lighthouse, which was built in 1809.

The next town that you will visit is Trois-Pistoles, population 3,500. There is a ferry in town that crosses the St. Lawrence to the north shore. The town of Trois-Pistoles claims to be the most francophone city in the province. As such, it is home to Western University’s annual French Immersion Program. The town is named after a silver goblet that was lost in the river in the 17th century that had a value of three pistoles (coins). Camping is available at Camping Municipal de Trois-Pistoles.

Saint-Fabien is located on the west edge of Parque du Bic, it has a few stores and Camping Municipal de Saint-Fabien.

Parque du Bic preserves a narrow strip of land from Saint-Fabien to Bic. Part of the Appalachian region, the park boasts distinctive limestone reefs and capes that cut into the water. The park is home to small herds of grey seals and harbour seals as well as a diverse brood of marine birds. There are three campgrounds in the area if you want to spend a day exploring. The road into the park is gravel and down a steep road. Ride with caution.

Your destination for the evening is Camping de L’Anse, which is located on the right side of the highway as you enter Rimouski.

Rimouski, population 42 240, is the commercial centre for the region. Every year Rimouski is home to the Festi Jazz International de Rimouski, which attracts Jazz aficionados from across the globe. Lepage Park, in downtown Rimouski, is named after Sir Rene Lepage, who founded the city in 1696. The campground offers laundry and internet access. If you need supplies for the evening the nearest grocery store is five kilometres past the campground into town. Drop your gear off at the campground and enjoy a rare unweighted ride into town.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Camping du Quai heading east on Rue de l’Ancrage.
0.8Rue De l’Ancrage dead-ends into HWY 132 / Boulevard Cartier. Turn left.
1.3Camping du Pont. Turn slightly right to gain Route De L’Anse-au-Persil / HWY 132.
15.4HWY 20 merges into HWY 132 here.
76.3West boundary of Parc du Bic.
80.4Exit into Parc du Bic.
85.4Exit into Parc du Bic.
88.8East boundary of Parc du Bic.
89.6Le Bic.
91.1HWY 132 and HWY 20 diverge here. Stay left to remain on HWY 132.
99.3Turn right off of HWY 132 / Boulevard Saint-Germain into Camping De l’Anse.

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