Day 50: Camping de L’Anse to Val Brillant’s Camping Bois et Berges

Leave Rimouski on HWY 132. If you want to visit its downtown, it is parallel to HWY 132 near the city’s large port.

Make sure to fill up on poutine as you are only two days away from the Québec / New Brunswick border. Today you will say goodbye to the St. Lawrence River and start heading south towards New Brunswick.

At Sainte-Flavée, HWY 132 splits to form a circle around the Gaspé Peninsula. Take a right turn here and expect a challenging day of cycling as you climb inland from the St. Lawrence River Valley on a quiet highway towards your destination of Val-Brillant on Lake Matapedia. Pick up supplies for the evening in Sayabec and coast downhill into the Matapedia Valley.

Your destination for the evening is Camping Bois et Berges on the shore of Lake Matapedia in the Matapedia Valley.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Camping L’Anse heading west on HWY 132 / Boulevard Saint-Germain.
5.6Cross over the Rimouski River on HWY 132 / Boulevard Saint-Germain.
5.7Cross the Rimouski River and HWY 132 / Boulevard Saint-Germain becomes HWY 132 / Boulevard René-Lepage E.
36.8Enter Sainte-Flavie. Turn right onto HWY 132 / Route Jacques-Cartier.
40.7Enter Mont-Joli, population 6 568, on Boulevard Gaboury / HWY 132.
47.6Intersection of HWY 132 & HWY 234.
71.4Intersection of HWY 132 & HWY 297 and Saint-Moise. Stay right on HWY 132.
94.1Enter Val-Brillant on HWY 132.
95.2Turn left on Rue Saint-Louis.
95.5Rue Saint-Louis intersects with Rue Saint-Pierre O. Turn right.
95.52Turn left on Rue Saint-Louis.
95.55Enter Camping Bois et Berges.

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