Day 51: Camping Bois et Berges to Atholville’s Sugarloaf Provincial Park

Leave Bois et Berges Campground on the shore of Lac-Matapedia, which feeds the Matapedia River and borders HWY 132 until it meets Restigouche River at the Québec / New Brunswick border. A dam in the river at Causapscal has created Lac-au-Saumon. Below the dam the Causapscal River joins the Matapedia River at a popular fishing spot called Junction Pool. Matapedia means “meeting of the waters” in Mi’Kmaq, referring to where the namesake river meets the Restigouche River. The Matapedia River is calm, clean and shallow. Enjoy your time biking down the Matapedia River Valley; it is picturesque and pleasurable.

Amqui, population 6 261, was the first town in Québec to ban single use plastic bags. It is a good place to get supplies for your day. Amqui in Mi’Kmaq means, “a place where we have fun” or “where you play.” Camping is available on the west side of town at Camping d’Amqui.

Causapscal, population 2 556, has a campground called Camping Causpascal. The town is located at the confluence of Matapedia River and Causapscal River.

Bike through Routhierville and check out the covered bridge that crosses over the Matapedia River. Covered bridges were traditionally built in geographic areas that had plentiful wood resources. As sun and weather are the biggest foes to wooden bridge integrity, closing in a bridge with a roof can greatly increase the structure’s longevity. This is the only covered bridge that you will have a chance to see on the tour without a detour.

Matapedia lays at the confluence of the Matapedia and Restigouche Rivers. There is one small, well-equipped store in this town that stays open late. From the grocery store you can see the skateboard park. Behind it is a good spot to have a picnic and say goodbye to the Matapedia River.

Leave Matapedia heading east. Just outside of town you will cross the Restigouche River and enter into New Brunswick. As you cross into New Brunswick turn your clocks ahead one hour.

The Restigouche River is a world-class salmon river. For over 100 years, some of the richest and most powerful people in the world have come to this river valley to fish for Atlantic Salmon. The New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources sections up the river and leases the stretches of the river to the highest bidder. It is rumoured that it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to obtain some of the best fishing spots. The general public is permitted to have a vessel on the river, but they are not permitted to drop anchor or disturb the water.

Just before Campbellton you’ll find the town of Atholville, home of Sugarloaf Provincial Park and Campground. This park is home to a popular ski hill in the winter, which turns into Atlantic Canada’s only lift accessible mountain bike park in the summer. Sugarloaf Mountain rises to 305 metres above sea level. Mountain bike rentals and groceries are available in Atholville.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Camping Bois et Berges on Rue Saint-Louis and take an immediate left on Rue Saint-Pierre O.
1.2Rue Saint-Pierre E merges with HWY 132.
90.5HWY 132 curves 90˚ to the left after Matapedia. Remain on HWY 132.
91.8Turn right to cross the Matapedia River.
92.4Welcome to New Brunswick. Turn left on HWY 11.
107.0Enter Atholville on Notre Dame Street / HWY 134.
109.1Turn right off of Notre Dame Street onto HWY 270.
110.3Turn left onto Chemin Val d’Amour.
111.0Sugarloaf Provincial Park campground.

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