Day 52: Sugarloaf Provincial Park to Beresford’s Camping Malybel

J.C. Van Horne Bridge

Campbellton, population 7 384, is located on the south shore of the Restigouche River. A high percentage of the people from Campbellton and much of New Brunswick speak both French and English. Check out Restigouche Sam, an 8.5 metre stainless steel salmon. Also, look for Hostelling International–Campbellton situated inside a lighthouse. Velo Xtreme is a good bike shop in Campbellton.

During the Seven Years War, the Resitgouche River was the site of the last naval battle between France and England for the possession of North America. The Battle of Restigouche ended on July 8, 1760 when France was defeated. Because French troops relied almost solely on supplies from the Mother Country, this loss was a devastating blow. It crippled their supply chain from Europe.

This area of New Brunswick is sparsely populated. Make sure that you have adequate supplies to last you as Eel River is the last spot to stock up on provisions before Belledune. Historians maintain that settlers arrived in the area and upon observing the sand ridges in the area remarked, “Belle Dune,” which translates to “pretty dune” or Belledune. Belledune has a deep-water port serving the area. Groceries are available in town.

Expect to see many displays of Acadian culture in this area. Acadian refers to French descendants residing in Atlantic Canada.

Your destination for the evening is Parc Malybel in Beresford. This popular park offers a heated pool with waterslide as well as free internet. Beresford, population 4 624, has a pleasant beach that tourists flock to all summer long, as well as a grocery store.

0.0Leave Sugarloaf Provincial Park biking east on Chemin Val d’Amour.
1.3Turn left onto Sugarloaf Street.
1.8Turn right on HWY 134 / Roseberry Street.
2.3Turn left onto Subway Street / HWY 134. Welcome to Campbellton.
2.4Turn right onto Water Street / HWY 134.
3.3Turn right off of Water Street / HWY 134 onto Ramsey Street / HWY 134.
4.6Turn right on Salmon Boulevard to access HWY 11.
5.6Cross HWY 11 on Salmon Boulevard. Turn left onto HWY 11 East.
15.0Intersection of HWY 11 & HWY 280.
27.2Intersection of HWY 11 & HWY 275.
28.0Cross over Eel River.
31.0Eel River Cove. Turn right here and circle 270˚ clockwise to gain Cove Road / HWY 280.
33.2Intersection of HWY 134 & Cove Road / HWY 280. Turn right here onto Chaleur Street / HWY 134. Heron’s Nest Campground.
40.7Cross over Charlo River.
49.9Benjamin River.
54.9Black Point. Camping by the Bay.
57.9Nash Creek.
81.8 Belledune.
95.4Petit Rocher. Camping Murraywood.
104.8Enter Beresford on HWY 134 / Principale Street.
107.1Turn left onto Landry Street off of HWY 134 / Principale Street.
108.1Landry street takes a right turn. Turn right.
108.6Camping Malybel.
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