Day 53: Camping Malybel to Black River’s All Day All Night Camping

Centennial Bridge

Bathurst is located on an estuary at the mouth of the Nepisguit River in Chaleur Bay which translates into “The Bay of Warmth.” Check out the Bathurst War Museum if you have spare time. Bathurst is known for its phantom ship that appears in the Chaleur Bay. Legend has it that a ship burned in the waters of the bay and during certain weather and light conditions you can see the ship re-appear. A drawing of the burning ship is on the Bathurst’s welcome sign. If you need bike work done head to Nepisiguit River Company.

Leave Bathurst and head south on HWY 8 towards Miramichi. This well paved road cuts through desolate woodlands before depositing you at the north shore of the Miramichi River.

Cross the Miramichi River on the Centennial Bridge, and head into Miramichi, population 18 129. The highlight of Miramichi is its picturesque waterfront. This area’s economy is focused on forestry, mining, fishing and tourism. If you need bike work done head to Incline Sports. No camping is available in Miramichi.

Purchase supplies in Miramichi before heading to All Day All Night Campground in Black River.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Beresford’s Camping Mayabel heading northwest to return to Landry Street.
0.6Turn left on Landry Street.
1.7Turn left off of Landry Street onto HWY 134 / Rue Principale.
5.5Cross the Nepisguit River and enter Bathurst on HWY 134 / St. Peter Avenue.
8.3Cross over Chaleur Bay.
9.2HWY 134 / St. Peter Avenue becomes HWY 134 / Douglas Avenue.
9.7Turn left onto Main Street / HWY 134.
10.2Turn right on Murray Avenue / HWY 134.
10.8Murray Avenue / HWY 134 turns left and becomes Bridge Street / HWY 134. Turn left.
11.7Cross over the Nepisiguit River. After crossing the river immediately turn right onto HWY 134 / Miramichi Avenue.
13.7Intersection of HWY 134 / HWY 11. Remain on HWY 134.
31.0Allardville. Intersection of HWY 134 & HWY 160.
45.3HWY 134 merges with HWY 8 and becomes HWY 8.
57.0HWY 450 dead-ends into HWY 8.
83.7Cross the Miramichi River on HWY 8
84.8Enter Miramichi on the south shore of Miramichi River. Keep right at the cloverleaf and circle 270 ˚clockwise to access Church Street and downtown Miramichi.
85.8Turn right off of Church Street onto University Avenue / HWY 117.
86.9Exit onto HWY 11 East by passing HWY 11 and turning left.
88.1HWY 11 curves to the right and becomes HWY 11 / King Street.
88.9Cycle past Miramichi Airport on HWY 11 / King Street.
98.8Enter Black River. Turn left on N Black River Bridge Road.
98.9All Day All Night Campground.

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