Day 54: All Day All Night Campground to Shediac’s Parlee Beach Provincial Park

Parlee Beach

Kouchibouguac National Park was established in 1969. The park covers 2382 kilometres and preserves the Maritime Plain Natural Region. Visitors come to the park to explore a fascinating mosaic of bogs, sparkling freshwater systems, sheltered lagoons, tall forests and 252 kilometres of shifting sand dunes. The park is home to a wide array of animals including cougar, Atlantic white-sided dolphin, moose and humpback whale. Camping at South Kouchibouguac Campground is available.

Don’t be surprised to hear the residents speaking Mi’kmaq, English or French while on the streets or in a shop in Richibucto, population 1 290. The cities name means “river of fire” in Mi’kmaq. If you have time ask a local for directions to Cape Lumiere, a beautiful white sand beach with uniquely warm water.

Bouctouche, population 2 383 is located at the mouth of the Bouctouche River on the coast of the Northumberland Strait. This Acadian town is popular with tourists because of its natural beauty which has been ardently preserved by the residents. If you get a chance, visit the Irving Eco Centre, which includes a boardwalk over sand dunes. If you are looking for a campground try Bouctouche Baie Chalets et Camping.

Your destination for the evening is Parlee Beach Provincial Park on the edge of Shediac, population 5 497. Shediac is famous for the lobster that are harvested in the Northumberland Strait and the town has erected the worlds largest lobster sculpture at the west end of town. Grocery stores are available here.

Parlee Beach Provincial Park is a world-class beach destination. Favourable ocean currents give the area the warmest ocean water north of Virginia. The campground has 190 sites as well as a small canteen. Try to schedule some time to relax here at one of North America’s finest beaches.

Close to Shediac is Moncton, population 64 128. It is known as the Hub City because of its central location in the Maritime Provinces. The city’s most popular tourist attraction is Magnetic Hill, on the northwest side of the city. The hill is an optical illusion; the topography makes you feel like you are going uphill but you are actually going down!

Bike shops are available in Moncton. The closest one to Shediac is Mike’s Bike and Ski Shop.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Beresford’s Camping Mayabel heading northwest to return to Landry Street.
0.6Turn left on Landry Street.
1.7Turn left off of Landry Street onto HWY 134 / Rue Principale.
5.5Cross the Nepisguit River and enter Bathurst on HWY 134 / St. Peter Avenue.
8.3Cross over Chaleur Bay.
9.2HWY 134 / St. Peter Avenue becomes HWY 134 / Douglas Avenue.
9.7Turn left onto Main Street / HWY 134.
10.2Turn right on Murray Avenue / HWY 134.
10.8Murray Avenue / HWY 134 turns left and becomes Bridge Street / HWY 134. Turn left.
11.7Cross over the Nepisiguit River. After crossing the river immediately turn right onto HWY 134 / Miramichi Avenue.
13.7Intersection of HWY 134 / HWY 11. Remain on HWY 134.
31.0Allardville. Intersection of HWY 134 & HWY 160.
45.3HWY 134 merges with HWY 8 and becomes HWY 8.
57.0HWY 450 dead-ends into HWY 8.
83.7Cross the Miramichi River on HWY 8
84.8Enter Miramichi on the south shore of Miramichi River. Keep right at the cloverleaf and circle 270 ˚clockwise to access Church Street and downtown Miramichi.
85.8Turn right off of Church Street onto University Avenue / HWY 117.
86.9Exit onto HWY 11 East by passing HWY 11 and turning left.
88.1HWY 11 curves to the right and becomes HWY 11 / King Street.
88.9Cycle past Miramichi Airport on HWY 11 / King Street.
98.8Enter Black River. Turn left on N Black River Bridge Road.
98.9All Day All Night Campground.

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