Day 55: Parlee Beach Provincial Park to Amherst’s Loch Lomond Campground

Enjoy a short ride into Amherst today. The grades of the highway are low but they go on for a long time, making the up hills easy and the down hills a pleasure.

Enter first into Sackville, population 5 411, on the shore of the Tantramar River next to the border to Nova Scotia. This lively town is home to Mount Allison University, which along with tourism drives industry in the town along. Check out the Campbell Carriage Factory Museum, built in 1838. The museum depicts 19th century manufacturing practices. Also, the Boultenhouse Heritage Centre allows visitors to relive the days when Sackville was a busy seaport and shipbuilding centre. If you are looking for a campground, head to Marshview Trailer & Camping Park.

Leave Sackville and cross over the Missaguash River which forms the border of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Look for a large tourist information centre on your right as you cross the provincial border.

Amherst, population 9 505, was founded in 1764. It grew as a busy manufacturing town, gaining the name, “Busy Amherst.” Many of the buildings that were used to manufacture products such as boots, trunks and pianos still exist today near the railroad station. Your destination for the evening is Loch Lomond Campground on the south side of Amherst.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Parlee Beach heading south on Parlee Beach Road.
1.4Parlee Beach Road crosses Main Street and becomes Ohio Road / HWY 140.
3.3Turn right off of Ohio Road / HWY 140 onto HWY 15 W.
8.1Circle 270˚ to gain HWY 132 S.
23.0HWY 132 intersects with HWY 2 near the Greater Moncton Airport. Turn left to gain HWY 2.
36.6HWY 2 intersects with HWY 933.
57.0Cross over the Tantramar River.
65.1Cross over the Missiguash River and enter into Nova Scotia. Here HWY 2 changes to HWY 104.
68.0Don’t take your first exit onto HWY 2 / Laplanche Street to enter Amherst. remain on HWY 104.
70.3Exit to Amherst and intersection of HWY 104 & HWY 6.
73.7Exit to Amherst. Exit right onto Glooscap Trail / HWY 2.
73.9Turn right onto Blair Lake Road.
74.0Turn left onto Loch Lomond Lane.
74.2Loch Lomond Camgpround.

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