Day 56: Loch Lomond Campground to Truro’s Scotia Pine Campground

Prepare for a lonely day of cycling by packing adequate provisions of food and water.

HWY 104 turns into a toll-road today that cyclists are not allowed on. It is necessary to detour onto HWY 4, a sub-standard highway offering little in the way of commercial services. The road is quiet, however, so you can cycle without being crowded by vehicles. The turn off to HWY 4 is easy to miss so watch carefully.

After leaving Amherst you will cycle past the town of Oxford, the Wild Blueberry Capital of Canada. If you have a minute, head into Oxford and visit the Wild Blueberry & Maple Centre to learn about the tasty blueberry and maple industry that is so important to this town. Public internet is available at the Maple Centre. Oxford is located at the junction of Philip River, Black River and Little River. Oxford’s name is derived from the shallow river that settlers would cross or “ford” on oxen.

Past Oxford, exit off of HWY 104 onto HWY 4. This lonely road climbs towards Folley Lake, a popular cottage destination. From Folley Lake, you will coast downhill and return onto HWY 104. There is a gas station and restaurant at this intersection.

Don’t miss your exit as there is only one road into Truro, population 11 765. Truro’s growth can be attributed to its location at the intersection of the Canadian National Railway between Montréal and Halifax and the Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway running between Truro and Sydney. The town is located on the shore of Cobequid Bay, an inlet of the Bay of Fundy.

Truro is famous for tidal bore on the nearby Salmon River which occurs when incoming tides are funneled into a shallow, narrowing river via a broad bay. The effect of this phenomenon is large rumbling waves carrying immense amounts of water into riverbeds that stood dry mere seconds before.

Your destination for the evening is Scotia Pine Campground on the south end of Truro. The climb out of the Salmon River Valley is a hard ride at the end of the day. Get your supplies in downtown Truro before tackling the hill. The campground has wireless internet, a swimming pool and laundry facilities.

Kilometre Log
0.0Exit Loch Lomond Campground heading east on Loch Lomond Lane.
0.2Turn left onto Glooscap Trail.
0.4Exit right onto HWY 104.
2.4Exit right onto HWY 104.
20.7Intersection of HWY 104 & HWY 142 at Salt Springs Station.
30.9Exit to Oxford.
31.8Cross over Philip River.
39.7Exit right for HWY 4 heading east.
40.3Cross HWY 104 onto HWY 4.
51.4Intersection of HWY 368 & HWY 4 at Mahoney’s Corner.
57.2Cross over Wentworth River.
57.9HWY 307 merges with HWY 4 to become HWY 4. Remain on HWY 4.
59.8Wentworth. There is a small store on the left side of the road.
62.6Intersection of HWY 4 & HWY 246.
63.3Turn right on Valley Road to access Hostelling International Wentworth.
72.4Folly Lake.
81.3Folly Mountain.
88.3Pass over HWY 104. Exit to your right and ride 270˚clockwise to gain HWY 104 E.
88.8Service station here.
91.9Glooscap Trail / HWY 2 / HWY 4 merges with HWY 104 via a cloverleaf to become HWY 104.
98.8Cross over the Chiganois River.
105.8HWY 102 intersects with HWY 104. Turn right here.
107.5Cross over Salmon River.
108.2Pass through a cloverleaf.
110.2Pass through a cloverleaf.
112.3Exit to your right onto Treaty Connector Road.
112.4Turn right onto Treaty Trail heading north.
112.8Enter Scotia Pine Campground.

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