Day 58: Shubie Campground to Sheet Harbour’s East River Lodge, Campground & Trailer Park

The road down the south shore of Nova Scotia is a pleasant ride. Traffic is light and the people are friendly. In years past, fishing was the major industry of the communities along this coast. With fish stocks depleted, the area is now inhabited mainly by retirees.

For the first half of the ride to Sheet Harbour, HWY 107 runs parallel to HWY 7. HWY 107 is the more direct route to Sheet Harbour.

A good place for lunch on your way to Sheet Harbour is Musquodoboit Harbour, the commercial hub for the area between Sheet Harbour and Halifax. Groceries and restaurants are available here. There is a small museum and tourism office located in the centre of town on HWY 7. Make sure your water bottles are full when you leave, as there is little between here and Sheet Harbour.

As you approach Sheet Harbour you will see signs for Taylor Head Provincial Park and Spry Bay Provincial Park. Spry Bay is a small park with a picnic area. Taylor Head boasts 16 kilometres of unspoiled coastline and many hiking trails. Camping is not available at either park.

Your destination for the evening is Sheet Harbour’s East River Lodge, Campground & Trailer Park on the shores of East River. Sheet Harbour is named after Sheet Rock, a flat, white rock found near the harbour. Groceries are available in town.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Shubie RV Park and Campground heading north on John Brenton Drive.
0.2Turn right on Jaybe Drive.
0.3Turn right on Waverley Road / HWY 318.
2.0Bike past Red Bridge Pond. Waverley Road / HWY 18 turns into Braemar Drive / HWY 318 here.
2.5Turn left off of Braemar Drive / HWY 318 onto Maple Drive.
2.8Turn left onto Plymouth Road.
3.1Turn right on Mountain Avenue.
3.9Turn left off of Mountain Avenue onto HWY 7 / Main Street.
7.0HWY 107 merges with HWY 7 / Main Street to become HWY 107 / HWY 7 / Main Street.
11.6HWY 107 / HWY 7 / Main Street splits into HWY 7 & HWY 107. Stay right on HWY 107.
16.4Cross over Lake Echo on HWY 107.
23.5Cross over Porters Lake on HWY 107.
33.6Cycle over Petpeswick Lake on HWY 107.
36.2HWY 107 merges with HWY 7. Turn right onto HWY 7.
38.8Musquodoboit Harbour.
48.4Salmon River Bridge.
65.0Ship Harbour.
77.2Turn right on Murphy’s Road for Murphy’s Camping by the Sea.
83.6Cross the Tangier River.
95.7Spry Bay.
109.4Enter Sheet Harbour on Marine Drive.
112.2Turn left on Pool Road. If you cross the green bridge you have gone too far.
113.1Turn right to enter East River Lodge Campground & Trailer Park.

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