Day 59: East River Lodge, Campground & Trailer Park to Sherbrooke’s St. Mary’s Riverside Campground

Enjoy another day of tranquil cycling through rural Nova Scotia. The Atlantic Ocean will appear more frequently today than yesterday. Once again, the area is sparsely populated. There is a grocery store at your destination but only a few commercial establishments in between Sheet Harbour and Sherbrooke. Pack accordingly.

There is a small restaurant in Moose River that is a good bet for lunch.

Just west of Marie Joseph is Marie Joseph Provincial Park. The park is a picturesque roadside picnic area with a view of offshore islands. Picnic tables are scattered about overlooking the rocky shoreline.

Your destination for the evening is St. Mary’s Riverside Campground in Sherbrooke. Sherbrooke is regionally famous for being the home of Sherbrooke Village, the largest museum in the province.

Sherbrooke Village depicts a typical Nova Scotian village from 1860 to pre-World War One. The site has 80 buildings, 25 of which are open to the public. You can visit the wood turner shop, blacksmith, pottery shop and printery, all within the village.

St. Mary’s Riverside Campground has laundry and wireless internet.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave East River Lodge Campground & Trailer Park cycling south on Pool Road.
0.9Turn left on HWY 7 / Marine Drive.
1.0Cross over East River.
1.5HWY 374 intersects with HWY 7 / Marine Road. Remain on HWY 7 / Marine Road.
13.4Port Dufferin.
30.6Moser River.
47.4Marie Joseph Provincial Park.
48.8Marie Joseph.
54.2Liscomb Mills on Liscomb River.
64.2HWY 7 / Marine Drive turns north at Liscomb.
80.2Sherbrooke. Cross over St. Mary’s River on HWY 7 / Marine Drive.
80.4Turn right onto Main Street.
80.6Turn left onto Court Street.
80.8Turn right onto Sonora Road.
81.5St. Mary’s Riverside Campground.

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