Day 63: Port aux Basques to Midway Motel

Emerge from the ferry into rocky Newfoundland and turn your clocks forward half an hour. The ferry terminal is located just south of Port aux Basques, population 4 319. Port aux Basques received its name because of its sheltered harbour that was utilized by Basque whalers from France and Spain during the early 1500s. Purchase enough groceries to last until reaching Corner Brook here. There are a few small stores and restaurants between Port aux Basques and Corner Brook, but they are inadequate for a hungry cyclist.

Attractions in Port aux Basques include the Gulf Museum, which displays 2 astrolabes that were historically used by astronomers, navigators and astrologers to predict the position of the sun, moon and planets. Ask a local for directions to Grand Bay West Beach, a great place to sunbathe or swim, weather permitting.

Leave Port aux Basques heading north and bike past J.T. Cheeseman Provincial Park, which is named after local politician John Cheeseman. Visitors are drawn to this park for sandy Cape Ray Beach, seashell collecting and bird watching. Camping is available here. To reserve a campsite here or at any Newfouldand Provincial Park visit their website or call 1 (877) 214-CAMP.

Twin Mountains

Just past Cheeseman Park you will see Table Mountain on your right, which stands at an elevation of 518 metres. It is a long mountain with a flat top that conduits winds from the summit to the weather-beaten forest below, with gusts exceeding 160 km/h. Winds near Table Mountain frequently cause road closures and have blown RV’s right off of the road! After biking past Table Mountain, you will bike through the symmetrical Twin Mountains that are intersected by the highway.

Your destination for the evening is Midway Motel. As the name states, the motel marks the mid-point between Port aux Basques and Corner Brook. Rooms are affordable and there is a good restaurant next door. If you are feeling ambitious and desire a campground, keep cycling to Barachois Pond Provincial Park.

Kilometre Log
0.0Exit the ferry and look for signs for HWY 1. Start biking on HWY 1.
2.0HWY 470 intersects with HWY 1. Stay left on HWY 1.
11.5Exit to J.T. Cheeseman Provincial Park.
17.2HWY 408 intersects with HWY 1.
35.6Cross Little Codroy River.
36.4HWY 407 intersects with HWY 1.
38.9HWY 406 intersects with HWY 1. Service station available here.
60.8Coal Brook.
95.7HWY 405 intersects with HWY 1.
99.7HWY 404 intersects with HWY 1.
106.1HWY 404 intersects with HWY 1.
108.1Midway Motel.

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