Day 65: Kinsmen Prince Edward Campground to Deer Lake Municipal Campground

Leave Prince Edward Campground heading east on HWY 1. Bike past Marble Mountain ski hill, which rises over 500 metres above the Humber River. Marble Mountain was home of the alpine skiing events when Corner Brook hosted the Canada Winter Games in 1999. Restaurants and gas stations are available on the highway near the ski hill in Steady Brook. Humber River will be to your left throughout the day.

As you bike east, the Humber River widens and becomes Deer Lake. At the north tip of Deer Lake is the town of Deer Lake, population 4 827. The major industry in Deer Lake is pulp and paper, which began operation in 1925. A hydro-generating station was built on the Humber River to service the pulp and paper mill. The generating station is still in operation today. Camping is available in Deer Lake at the Deer Lake Municipal Campground. There is a small grocery store in South Brook and a few convenience stores along the way, but Deer Lake is your last opportunity to shop at a large supermarket until Grand Falls-Windsor.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Kinsmen Prince Edward Campground heading south on HWY 440.
1.4Turn left on Riverside Drive.
2.6Riverside Drive crosses HWY 1. Turn left to gain HWY 1.
7.0Steady Brook.
18.2Deer Lake is to your left.
22.9Exit to Pasadena.
27.5Exit to Pasadena.
45.2Enter Deer Lake.
47.1Exit right off of highway.
47.2Turn left to cross HWY 1, circling 180˚ counterclockwise.
47.7Turn right on Lake Side Drive.
48.0Lake Side Drive turns into Nicholsville Road.
49.2Deer Lake Municipal Campground.

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