Day 69: Country Inn Campground to Terra Nova National Park’s Newman Sound Campground

Today you will bike from Gander into Newman Sound Campground in the centre of Terra Nova National Park.

Terra Nova National Park is a place where the Atlantic Ocean meets the boreal forest. Terra Nova is Latin for Newfoundland. The rocky shorelines support colonies of common tern, herring gulls and bald eagles. Inland, there is boreal forest consisting of mostly black spruce and balsam fir, which hosts black bear, otter, lynx and beaver.

There are two campgrounds in Terra Nova National Park. Newman Sound is the largest while Malady Head is a quieter campground.

Although there is a grocery store off of HWY 1 before the entrance to Terra Nova National Park in Glovertown, it is far down a hill with a large climb back up to the highway.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Gander heading south on Magee Road.
0.1Turn left to access HWY 330 / Gander Bay Road.
0.2Turn right onto HWY 330 / Gander Bay Road.
1.8Gander Bay Road intersects with Memorial Drive and becomes Cooper Road.
2.9Cooper Road dead-ends into HWY 1. Turn left
3.9Gander International Airport.
16.7Cross Souris Brook.
31.7Square Pond RV Park.
42.1Intersection of HWY 1 & HWY 320.
43.7Cross Gambo Creek.
59.1Exit to Glovertown.
62.9Cross Terra Nova River.
66.2Exit to Traytown.
67.2Small restaurant and lodge.
67.6Enter Terra Nova Provincial Park.
68.2HWY 310 intersects with HWY 1.
79.2Terra Nova National Park Marine Interpretive Centre.
80.4Turn left into Newman Sound Campground.
81.0Newman Sound Campground.

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