Day 71: The Tanker Inn to Butterpot Provincial Park

Almost there

Butterpot Provincial Park received its name from a prominent, rounded hill located within the park. Long before the area was a park, nearby residents hunted animals and gathered firewood and berries here. High acidity levels in the soil combined with a forest fire that badly burned this area in 1889, rendered much of the park unable to support growth. This has resulted in a diverse variety of habitat that is home to wildflowers and berries as well as boreal forest. Tourists flock to the area for trout fishing, picnics and to hike the park’s extensive trail system.

The campground has 175 sites and has laundry on-site.

Purchase your groceries for the evening in Arnold’s Cove.

There is a hotel called Moorland Motel and restaurant at the intersection of HWY 100 and HWY 1. This is your last chance to acquire food and beverage before arriving in St. John’s. This intersection links the North Sydney–Argentia Ferry to St. John’s. Expect big rig traffic to increase from here to St. John’s. It is 47 kilometres from the Argentia Ferry to the intersection of HWY 1 and HWY 100.

Kilometre Log
0.0Leave Arnold’s Cove biking north on Main Road.
2.1Turn right towards HWY 1.
2.2Turn right on HWY 1.
28.0Intersection of HWY 1 & HWY 201 (E) / 203 (W). Turn left for Bellevue Beach Camping.
43.1Intersection of HWY 1 & HWY 201 (N) / 202 (S).
55.3Intersection of HWY 1 & HWY 100.
76.1Intersection of HWY 1 & HWY 75.
88.3Intersection of HWY 1 & HWY 90.
97.6Intersection of HWY 1 & HWY 62.
100.1Intersection of HWY 1 & HWY 13.
106.2Turn left into Butterpot Provincial Park on Daniels Road.
108.2Butterpot Provincial Park Campground.

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