Gear For You

Having proper clothing with you when you are bike touring will help to make your trip more enjoyable.

Make sure you have water-proof pants and jacket in case of rain. You’ll also need a few pairs of cycling shorts as well as a casual pair for relaxing in after your day is over. Bring a few shirts to ride in that are made of a material that will wick away moisture and dry quickly. Cotton is not good for bike touring.

Pack one pair of pants that will be suitable for wearing around camp as well as for visiting museums or going out for dinner. Pack at least three pairs of socks. I generally pack one casual t-shirt and something with long sleeves appropriate for layering in cool weather.

For cold weather, I recommend a fleece sweater as it will layer well, insulate you and pack easily.

Make sure you have a pair of gloves to protect your hands and bring you warmth both while cycling and while enjoying your evening. Bring a touque to help preserve body heat.

I strongly recommend wearing a helmet at all times will bicycle touring. Not only will it protect your brain in the event of a collision, but the helmet will help to protect your face from the elements while allowing heat to escape from your head.

If you bike across the country you will undoubtedly experience both hot and cold weather. I recommend traveling with long underwear for the cold stretches.