Gear For Your Bike

Fenders for the front and rear tires of your bicycle are recommended. They will help keep you and your gear dry while biking through rain.

Most cycle tourists mount a small, detachable bag on their handlebars. This is a great spot for valuables, guidebooks, maps, cameras, music, food and other items that you want to keep closely available. The bag can be removed quickly when you want to leave your bike unattended for a few minutes. Known as handlebar bags, they are available at your local bike shop.

I recommend mounting an LED. light to the front and back of your bike. Nobody plans to ride after dark or in low-light situations but it inevitably happens. A flashing light will make you visible to motorists.

Make sure your bike is equipped with a properly calibrated cycle computer. These affordabel computers will help you interact with this guidebook more effectively, help you set an appropriate place and give you something to look at to break the monotony of a long day on the road.