Hangry or Hanger is a term used to describe how people that are really starved for calories act when something goes wrong on the bike tour and they are so hungry that they don’t have the life skills to deal with the situation at hand. They react by getting uncharacteristically angry about the situation.

When we were biking across Canada this summer the term was coined by friend Brent, mostly to make fun of the girls we were riding with, but it became a regular part of our vocabulary.

It usually plays out something like this. Wake up in the morning and make breakfast. Then pack up the gear and we would be on the road around 90 minutes after eating breakfast. We’d bike for a few hours and then start thinking about a place for lunch as hunger was starting to become an issue. We’d settle on a place and keep on going towards it. With hunger starting to creep in, something would go wrong. Maybe it was a flat tire, or we might get lost.

When your body is starving it starts to behave in some odd ways. You get irritated VERY quickly and your problem solving skills are diminished. Everyone else in your group is feeling the same way and all of a sudden people that are normally the best of friends start to make snide comments and become difficult to be around.

They aren’t mean, bad people. They are simply HANGRY, a combination of hunger and anger.

You can pedal a bike hungry no problem. Hanger becomes an issue when you are hungry and something goes wrong and you don’t have the skills to deal with it.

The cure? Keep calorie dense snacks like trail mix or chocolate squirreled away somewhere on your bike and you will have a more enjoyable time and remain friends with your travelling companions for years to come!